I am a veterinary practitioner in Japan. I studied at the University of Melbourne's Veterinary Clinical Centre in 1978. When I was an exchange student sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, I enjoyed undergraduate courses in Melbourne as one of their students.
I had planned to study hard during weekdays and play hard during weekends. I was half successful in my plans. Only the latter of my desire was successfully completed. Firstly, my main responsibility as a veterinarian is to give the best treatment I can do for animals in my hometown.

My supervisor in Melbourne was Professor Blood who was the first Dean and Director of Clinical Centre. He and the Second Dean, Professor Jubb, as well as the other teachers and my classmates helped me to learn not only veterinary knowledge but also, as a sincere clinician, to try to contribute to the well-being of the society through my profession. The education system in the University of Melbourne to become a clinician was and still is excellent. My experience in Melbourne and ongoing connection with the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Melbourne has given me some idea to contribute to the society as a veterinarian. One of the advices the present Dean Caple has given to me is "We are all veterinarians. It is a small world."My culture tells me that I should use my experience in Australia (West) and Japan (East) to give more happiness to both animals and people in the world.

After I returned to Japan, I was lucky to be able to meet some well-known specialists in many fields including human doctors, animal behavioral specialists sociologists, computer scientists, accountants, lawyers (one of them is an active clinician as well), veterinary consultants and professional sportsmen as well as veterinarians.

I found that there are many differences in the values of each country or culture. If we all different people cooperate together, we can build a better idea in work and life as well. Therefore, I set up this home page in order to exchange different knowledge, ideas or values.
Best of luck,